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Choice, Mazda Carsharing and Lidl provide shuttle service at the Brigitte Symposium 2018

As a fully-fledged mobility provider, we can not only provide car sharing and test drive events such as the Volvo Schwedenflotte on the island of Sylt, but also services for special events such as the BRIGITTE Symposium which took place on September 27th, 2018 in the Colosseum Theater Essen.

In order to make the arrival and departure to and from the venue as pleasant as possible for guests, speakers and the BRIGITTE staff, we provided a free-of-charge shuttle service in cooperation with Mazda Carsharing and our location partner Lidl.

The Mazda fleet caught everybody's attention

The eye-catching fleet of a total of 16 Mazda vehicles with the models CX-5 and Mazda 6 caused quite a stir and was well received. Our mazdas were in constant use from 5 in the morning until late at night and brought a total of about 300 passengers safely to their destination.

Please check out the following video for some impressions of the event.

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