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AutoScout24 and mobility service provider Choice launch pilot project for a digital car subscription offer

Nuremberg, December 10th, 2019 | In a recently launched pilot project, Europe's largest online car marketplace AutoScout24 and mobility service provider Choice are testing customer acceptance for a digitally bookable car subscription offer. Choice will use the gained knowledge from the test phase as a basis to create more digital subscription models for car rental companies and dealerships.

The Carcharter Auto-Abo shop system offers only new cars equipped with high-quality components, which can be subscribed for a fixed period of 6 months. The shop can be accessed via the “Auto-Abo” listing on the website of AutoScout24. The offer from Carcharter currently contains various models from BMW and will soon be supplemented by other manufacturers and vehicle models.

The booking process is completely digital, but personal support is available if the customer requires. The monthly subscription rate includes all services except fuel costs (transfer, insurance, tax, maintenance and vehicle registration). Nationwide delivery is included in the monthly rate as well. An entry fee will not be charged. The mileage of 18,000 km/year can be extended to 48,000 km/year on request.

“For Choice, introducing the Carcharter brand in collaboration with AutoScout24 is an important step in developing diverse products for commerce groups and mobility providers in the context of a digital car subscription architecture”, says Julian Wolter, Head of Subscription Business Models at Choice.

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