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Choice with dual leadership: Bego Jasenac appointed second managing director

Nuremberg, December 12th, 2019 | Mobility service provider Choice from Nuremberg is taking the next step in its growth strategy and is expanding its management. Bego Jasenac, who has been with the company for 13 years, will form the new executive board together with the current CEO Jürgen Lobach. In the new management constellation, Jasenac will retain his previous position as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), while Lobach will act as spokesman for the Choice management in the future.

"Bego has accompanied the positive development of the company for many years. Due to our growing business activities, it is only logical to put the management on a wider basis. Bego always stood behind the company and has my complete confidence", says Jürgen Lobach, CEO of Choice GmbH.

"I am very pleased about the trust placed in me and I am looking forward to all future challenges. Jürgen and I have shared a common understanding of the company's goals since the beginning of our collaboration. We are indeed a very good team”, comments Bego Jasenac, CFO of Choice GmbH.

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